"PP "Gibkie soedinenia" manufactures and supplies the following products:

1. Metal hose making machines, SRMV

Metal hose making machines, SRMV
used to produce metal flexible hoses with square-locked and double interlocked profiles of both types: round and polygonal (RMV 2, RMV 2G, RMV 3). Machines are able to produce metal hoses with inner diameters from 50mm to 360mm using the metal strip material with thickness up to 0.5mm and width up to 40mm.

2. Corrugated hoses, RNVD

Stainless corrugated hose (RNVD)
is a flexible pipeline used bended for fluid and gas transporting at temperatures from -270 °C to +650 °C and working pressure from 10-8 mBar (vacuum) up to 350Bar. It also used to compensate temperature and assembly resistance of static pipelines in ground equipment.


3. Interlock hoses, RMV

Metal stripwound (interlock) hose (RMV)
used as protective hose for all types of lines from different mechanical damages; widely used in exhaust systems; and also to transport granulated materials, gases of all kinds at temperatures from 0 до 923К (-270 °C to +650 °C)

4. Metal braiding, OM

Metal braiding (OM)
is a very important element in metal hoses design. The braiding:
  • prevents longitudinal expansion of corrugated hoses at pressure or tensile stress;
  • causes an increase in the internal stability of the hoses by many times.
The braiding (single and double) is very flexible and adapts to the movement of the hose in an ideal manner. It is fixed to the connection fittings of the hose by welding or by pressing. Metal braiding can be also used as protective material or for styling purposes.

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